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Marcus Liuzzi became the sweetest power pop heartbreaker on the airwaves with ‘You’re Not the One’

Power-pop heartbreaker, Marcus Liuzzi, has released his latest no holds barred single, You’re Not the One. Those words sting even when they’re not about you. But for anyone that knows how it feels to be corrected after they think they found one, there’s a certain solace in knowing you’re not alone on that particular emotional ride, and that painful transition is one step closer to a happy ending.

With the college radio rock vibes coalescing with the garagey 70s rock stripes and plaintive yet playful piano scores, You’re Not the One peddles a fair amount of nostalgia, but there is no disputing that the Boston, Massachusetts singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist brings a certain autonomous je nais sais quoi to the airwaves.

You’re Not the One is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rock roots wrap around a murder mystery narrative in Robbie Rapids’ single, Who Shot Them Down

Through his multi-faceted talent, Robbie Rapids recorded his four-decade-era-spanning nostalgic rock track, Who Shot Them Down, while recording his murder mystery audiobook, Arc Road, and instantly became more intriguing than Nick Cave.

With a similar cool yet roots-deep vibe to Left Lane Cruiser, Robbie Rapids and his bluesy take on College Radio Rock which comes with Beach Boys nuances will surely make an impression on the airwaves. Lyrically, it is impossible not to get immersed in the narrative that spins the tale of a murder mystery that happened in 1964 through Rapids’ high energy Americana rock vocals.

Who Shot Them Down will officially release on April 29th, 2022. You can check it out yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rock fuses with hexed soul in Chris Holly’s latest single, 7 Curses

“7 Curses” is the latest lighters-in-the-air worthy whiskey-soaked blues-rock single from Chris Holly. With nuances of Pixies-style production mixed in with the college radio rock vibes and the raw emotion dialled up to 11, few tracks hook you in so deeply from the first hit. 7 Curses definitively proves that there is nothing sweeter than experiencing a fusion of rock and roll and pure tortured soul.

The wanderlust guitarist, Chris Holly, has toured worldwide, rubbing shoulders with Hootie and the Blowfish, Better Than Ezra, and even Slayer and Pantera in his metal days. Now, he’s teamed up with the sensational 19-year-old songstress, Alexis Perry, who has already enamoured the indie music scene. She’s the Taylor acoustic to Chris Holly’s trusty Gibson LPs. If there was ever time to start paying attention to Chris Holly’s career, it is now. New artists as sweet as Soul Asylum don’t come along every day.

7 Curses was officially released on February 2nd; it is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Just Pathetic are wondering just what happened ‘Since College’

Describing themselves as ‘a band specialising in substandard music and haphazard melodies’, Just Pathetic’s ‘Since College’ is a poppy-punk number, with elements of Bowling For Soup, The Police, Sum-41, and Journey all mixed up with a Blink 182 tongue-in-cheek bouncy, upbeat ode to time since…well, you guessed it, since college.

There’s a nice little break-down mid-song, a nice flanged-and-octaved guitar-line throughout, and lyrically there’s some not-too-serious digs at teen entitlement, angst, and ‘emo-days’ mixed up with underage drinking and ‘interesting’ cigarettes. It’s fun, it’s vaguely silly, and it’s catchy, energetic, and exuberant mixed in with laid-back ‘stoner’ vocals (there’s a tiny hint at ‘Superfuzz’-era Mudhoney to the delivery), with the fuzziest guitar tone we’ve heard in a long time. It’s the age-old question: ‘Where have the days gone since college?’

You can hear ‘Since College’ on YouTube; check out Just Pathetic here.

Review by Alex Holmes