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The XO sings with cold regret about his ex on ‘November’

The XO return with a reflective tale on how love can be cold sometimes. ‘November‘ is the name of the song and this is one of the years best.

The XO are a Dark Pop Rock band from Dallas, Texas. They are on top form here with this gripping story about cold love and how it freezes your heart with ice everywhere in your soul.

With a peaceful piano beat to get us going, the song soon turns dark and reflective. This is about being with someone that you loved but they let you down so badly. In a cold month, the person you were with made you even colder with their attitude and ungratefulness. Soon, things got too much and you felt like you were drowning and not being helped by your special love that ended. This will be painful but you know that it is all over. It’s time to warm up again.

This is a terrific song with meaning and The XO put their name on the map with ‘November‘.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen