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Album Review: ‘Cold Hands, Burn Slow’ from Fiskur

UK singer-songwriter Fiskur is here and he comes out with one of the more underrated albums of 2020 with ‘Cold Hands, Burn Slow‘.

Fiskur was formed by Glasgow songwriter Ross Clark, previously the front-man of Three Blind Wolves.
After Three Blind Wolves ended, Ross was left spinning in the wake of big changes, unsure what to do next. Returning to his roots and taking time for himself, Ross spent a lot of time fly fishing in the River Kelvin. During these lazy afternoons knee-keep in rushing water, he found some much-needed solace and inspiration. With fresh clarity and led by the desire to be challenged, the first songs for the record were created.

Ross then joined forces with longtime friends Andy Monaghan and Chris McGarry to complete the Fiskur sound. Focusing on more electronic sounds from Andy and the driving thump of Chris’ drums, Fiskur’s first record is an exploration into insecurity and the basic fears and hopes we all share in life. Ross’s songs take an honest look at how even at one’s lowest, we are still driven to change and grow.

The highlights on the new release in my ears are definitely ‘I Become Silver‘, ‘Servant‘ and ‘Emerger‘. The storytelling is particularly splendid here with the acoustic energy that fires through the speakers. The moody but vivid sounds put me in a reflective mood and is a welcome listen. This is a soulful artist who is such a talented artist.

Cold Hands, Burn Slow‘ from Fiskur is an excellent release from the experience singer-songwriter.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen