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Waiting in the line: Code E1 might have missed the warning signs on Nothing here sounds good

Nothing here sounds good by Nick Cody Music

Skillfully taken off the upcoming (May 12th, 2023) debut album Year of the Bat Cat, Code E1 gazes at the stars to find something that actually means something in a rather unpleasant world on Nothing here sounds good.

Code E1 is a Nick Cody-created Leeds, UK-based indie music project which reminds us of better days as the authentic melodies seem to brush away all previous apprehensions.

in collaboration with remixer Black Star Liner. Code E1 is a fusion of Nick’s haunting melodies with Black Star Liner’s trademark electronic beats and engaging rhythms. Black Star Liner were favoured by John Peel as well as being nominated for a Mercury music award.” ~ Nick Cody

Sending us into a nostalgic pond to swim inside to see the real connection, Code E1 has dropped a real timeless wonder to play loud and with so much knowledgeable insight into what so many millions are currently feeling.

Nothing here sounds good from the UK-based Code E1 is a magnificent song for all the right reasons. Guiding us through the plastic of the world and leading us towards an honest story, which will stun many and have others in the music scene nodding their head. Sung with an experienced tone which shall warm all awaiting ears, to show us what reality looks like.

Listen up on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen