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Coconut Shy helps us to move on from the past on Water, Water

Made whilst deeply wrapped in a psychology essay that took extra time to write, Coconut Shy shows us fondly inside that memorable corvette that sped away rather quickly on Water, Water.

Coconut Shy is a Melbourne, Australia-based indie folk singer-songwriter who projects his vocals so well that all stress seems to float away.

Seeing that chevy pull up with a smile on his face, Coconut Shy has made an all-time timeless gem for us all to fall in love with. There is so much to be enamoured by inside this truly superb song, which is crammed with a genuine energy to grip us tightly with from all corners.

Sweetly sung and filled with an authentic vibe to gravitate toward, there is nothing you can surely dislike about a release with so much tender care and crisp smoothness for the better absorbed inside.

Water, Water from Melbourne, Australia-based indie folk singer-songwriter Coconut Shy must be one of the more soul-healing singles around. Turning our hearts with caring abandon, this is a stirring track that might get you thinking about that special human who changed your entire mood with one wink.

Hear this fine single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen