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Alabama’s Clothesline Superman sings with meaning on ‘Devil On Her Hand’

Alabama’s Clothesline Superman sings with meaning on the new single ‘Devil On Her Hand‘.

Kevin Smith grew up in Talladega in Alabama and he served in the US Army as a Combat Medic. After his Army career, Kevin founded the healthcare IT company TrainingWheel and the success of his company allows him to give back to his hometown of Talladega through the revitalization of the Talladega Historic Square and showcase the tremendous amount of talented musicians, singers, and songwriters in Alabama.

This is all about being with someone that you don’t want to be with. You have been forced by your parents and you are not happy with this situation. They never cared about your needs or what you wanted. They love you but this mindset is not helping at all, You want to be free and love who you want to be with.

Alabama’s Clothesline Superman is excellent on his ‘Devil On Her Hand‘. This is a song that is relatable to so many woman who have had to go through this terrible thing in their life. This is well-sung with an indie-country style that is a pleasure to listen to.

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