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The story of running away: Closer Than Strangers show their brilliance on the indie-folk gem ‘When I Say Go’

Brother and sister acoustic rock duo Closer Than Strangers return with the soulfully deep indie-folk single ‘When I Say Go’. Taken off their last album called ‘Broken Things’, this is beautifully described story of trying to help someone close when they are in need of a kind face.

With Charlotte performing her wonderful skills on cello and Greg displaying his quality vocals matched with an exciting guitar style, these tow form a formidable team that make such sweet music together.

Their music plans of 2020 were dashed of course due to this horrid pandemic but the family duo have huge goals to record a new album, and tour as much as possible in 2021.

The acoustic melody starts right away as the beautiful sounds emerge from the bed of the story. That feeling when you aren’t sure if you are dreaming or awake is so vivid as you snap back to reality from The Matrix. She is right next to you, broken and cold from running in the night. You want to help but humans will only really listen if they really want to.

His voice is so honest and is such a splendid storyteller. This is the tale of how a small town can break you down and make you feel lost. You want to follow and when they are happy in a new town, you will join them and perhaps you can be together.

Their partnership is unbreakable as Closer Than Strangers bring us an absolute gem on ‘When I Say Go’. Sometimes you need to get out of where you are to fully grow and blossom into what you want to be in life. Having a kind soul there too does help but so does finding your own path, and learning who you really are inside.

Hear this lovely song on Spotify and follow the family duo on their FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen