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Moving On: Flourishing Florida singer-songwriter Claudia Lopez is so much stronger now on ‘I Didn’t Know’

Taken off her just-dropped ten-track debut album called ‘Running Out Of Time‘, Claudia Lopez sings with such love and determined grace on the glorious single that shows you she knows exactly what she needs to do next on ‘I Didn’t Know‘.

Claudia Lopez is a soothing Cuban-American indie-pop/RnB singer-songwriter, writer and music producer, who is based in Miami, Florida. She sings with a really heartfelt attitude, as this is a personal effort that has been made from so much heartbreak.

After the tragic recent passing of her beloved cousin Jennifer Cordero, who was really her sister due to their closeness, she was so inspired to to make an album that would send a fitting tribute to her soul up above.

I found myself in the midst of a global pandemic, just wishing that I could fill her in on this crazy life right now. Then it clicked for me. This is how I was going to tell her what was going on, and include how much I needed her and what a hole I had, because she was gone.” ~ Claudia Lopez

This is a smoothly sung track from a terrific singer who has top-end vocal ability, as her luscious voice seems to float peacefully into your awaiting soul, like a love letter sent from an angel. Things have been tough recently with heartache and much disappointment – but she drifts away from the floor where defeat is – and rises up like an Olympic Champion to push all the distractions aside. Her goals are so clear now and this is an exciting development, for a truly sensational musician with talent to spare.

I Didn’t Know‘ from the soulful Miami, Florida-based indie-pop/RnB singer-songwriter and music producer Claudia Lopez, is an emotionally charged work of art from a simply excellent artist. She has made a motivated anthem to all those who have been treated badly lately or have felt sadness, as she dusts off the past and walks confidently into the future.

Knowing her true value now and having a set plan, is the only way forward for this young woman with many goals to reach. She remembers those who have helped her along the way, and sings with so much passion and love, which makes you cheer her on all the way.

Hear this new single on her Spotify and see more from this superb artist on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen