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Classical piano meets electronic in Joseph Strauss’s latest Einleitung

Airy sounds and celestial melodies proliferate in Joseph Strauss latest release Einleitung.

Starting off with classical piano arpeggios surrounded by synth sounds, this instrumental piano-based tune evolves into a postclassical endeavour through the cunning use of electronic loops. A twist arrives halfway into the song when additional beats arise to accelerate the tempo and allow Joseph Strauss to play with more harmonies, enriching the atmosphere.

From classical to electronic, Joseph Strauss takes a brave leap that’s paid off by an original and inspiring outcome, that can be appreciated for its variety of effects and digital add-ons.

The way this song shifts from one genre to another is seriously impressive and you must not wait to check it out for yourself on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.


A profound array of piano melodies: Melany Thompson releases ‘On My Mind’

This solo piano song will provide a placid backdrop to your day: just sit tight and listen to Australian artist Melany Thompson’s latest release ‘On My Mind’, following her 2019 debut album ‘Memories of Home’.

A classical pianist and composer, Melany Thompson shows a delicate and sophisticated touch in her approach to song-writing and melodic landscape, as if she was gently exploring a profound array of piano melodies. ‘On My Mind’ encompasses her moody sound, a sound able to transmit peace and serenity.

Being introduced to classical music from a very early age and writing her own songs since she was 12, Melany Thompson has a pure innate talent that will certainly lead her to many more brilliant projects.

Listen to ‘On My Mind’ on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.



When you are a multi-award-winning film composer, you have an innate knack for soundtracks. Michael Vignola performs a perfect blend of classical and ambient music in his latest release ‘Further and Further’, that feats violinist Francesca Dardani.

Gentle grand piano arpeggios are the main feature of the track, creating a genuine sound that emphasizes the overlaying violin melodies in an effort that combines classic with contemporary.

‘Further and Further’ is where your mind wanders when you listen to Michael Vignola, making it the perfect background music for the next big film release.

You can pre-save ‘Further and Further’ for yourself here.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Dom Robson-Tull – For A Friend: Accordantly Cinematic Neo-Classical

Neo-Classical multi-instrumentalist and composer Dom Robson-Tull released his latest captivatingly cathartic composition “For A Friend” on April 6th. If you’re as aurally sensitive as me, don’t be surprised if the interplays of torment and tonal optimism leave you emotionally bruised.

The Birmingham-based artist crafted a stunning piece which poignantly reflects the emotions we feel when we experience triumph after conflict. The accordantly cinematic single pairs classical strings with pensive piano keys to lay down melodies which offer a smorgasbord of weighted emotion which will stick with you for long after the track has faded to a close.

Any fans of Nils Frahm and Phillip Glass will undoubtedly want to have Dom Robson-Tull on their radar sooner rather than later.

You can check out Dom Robson-Tull’s latest single For A Friend for yourselves via Spotify.

Keep up to date with the artist’s latest releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Casey McGrath – Fiddle Rabbit (A Four-Stringed Tribute to Eminem)

Any fans of the aural alchemy which 2cellos can weave will definitely want to turn their attention to the latest piece to be released by classically-trained violinist Casey McGrath.

“Fiddle Rabbit (A Four-Stringed Tribute to Eminem)” revives one of the most iconic Hip Hop melodies of recent decades. You’ll still be able to hear the smacks of the 808s with Casey McGrath’s delicate yet tensile notes quivering atop of them.  Yet, Casey McGrath laced the soundscape with her own distinction. Instead of the fraught momentum pouring from the Rap bars, you’ll hear a frenzied violin which is more than efficacious at evoking emotion as the urgency of the note progressions resonate.

It’s rare that you’ll hear a fraction of Casey McGrath’s talent on the airwaves. Classical music may not be the most accessible of genres. But it’s tracks such as Fiddle Rabbit which have the power to change just that.

You can check out Casey McGrath’s fitting ode to the Rap legend for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Jack Douval – Young At Heart: Nostalgic Classical Vocal Jazz

Here is something you don’t have the chance to listen to every day.

Jack Douval has decided to take a route that not many people decide to take; with his new song called “Young At Heart” he is bringing back the familiar warmth and nostalgia of classical singing. Following the footsteps of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Nat King Cole, Jack Douval is making music you won’t ever hear on the radio. On the other hand, you will gladly listen to songs like this when you’re putting up your Christmas decorations. There are certain images that the mind of the average listener would trace back to when this type of music enters the ear: Wood slowly turning into coal in the fireplace or black and white films from the 50s. This feeling although touching and pleasing, it has one more prominent characteristic: It certainly is from another time.

Jack Douval is making music in a rather leftfield way. The musical fur that he has decided to cover his exquisite voice with, is one that we can’t say there’s a smacking demand for. If anything this is a bold singer, doing things his way.

Head over here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


Melany Thompson – Lucy’s Lullaby: A Debut of Serenely Keyed Classical

Classical composer and pianist Melany Thompson has recently released her debut album “Memories of Home”, while each of the instrumental piano pieces offer a cathartic array of serenity, the best introduction to her distinctive approach to songwriting is “Lucy’s Lullaby”.

There’s a perceptible delicacy within Melany Thompson’s soundscapes, one which is not often found in neo-classical arrangements, but the sense of poised lightness runs right through the open and expressive piece.

Melany Thompson may have played at the Sydney Opera House at the age of 11, but I’m fairly certain that the best for this remarkably talented artist is yet to come. With the cinematic air to her sound, it would be no great surprise to hear her evocative melodies within film scores.

You can check out Melany Thompson’s single Lucy’s Lullaby along with the rest of her debut album via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ryan Whyman – Desperate: A Classical Composition to get in Your Bloodstream

“Desperate” is the recent composition from LA-based classical composer and pianist Ryan Whyman which will creep into your bloodstream not long after the prelude. If you’re looking for the same haunted ethereal tonality as found in Ramin Djawadi’s “Light of the Seven”, you’re going to be suitably wounded by Desperate. Pairing the striking notes of the piano with the growling reverberance of the cello is more than enough to emotively contend with. Then, the inclusion of vocals from Yas Khaleghi is enough to leave your soul feeling as though it has been rearranged. It’s celestial, it’s compelling, and it’s another poignant reminder that Classical soundscapes are still a necessity in 2019.

That all sounds like incredibly high praise, doesn’t it? Why don’t you see if you can reach the outro without feeling the same way? Desperate is now available via SoundCloud along with Ryan Whyman’s earlier compositions.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Edward Abela – Ultraviolet: Discover the Artist with the Ability to Shatter your Preconceptions of Classical

If you’re tired of listening to the same repetitive 4 chord progression which have been done to death by contemporary artists and are looking for an artist whose talent hasn’t been conveniently diluted for mass popular appeal Look no further than Edward Abela.

For his seventh single “Ultraviolet” the composer created a work of Neo-Classical mesmerism at the same time as pushing the boundaries of the style. After the pensively delicate piano melodies have carved out a new definition of concordance, the instrumentals gently build into a tight arrangement of electronic effect.

With Ultraviolet, Edward Abela created a soundscape goes beyond cinematic to be the point where it would be more accurately described as poetic; the passion and the emotion doesn’t need a separate narrative, it’s all perceptible in the gently arresting melodies.

You can check out Edward Abela’s single Ultraviolet for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Daniele Montagner (Ensemble Voyagers) – De gli occhi de la mia donna si move: Globally-Inspired Classical

‘De gli occhi de la mia donna si move’ is a recent composition from Ensemble Vogers; an open ensemble created by Daniele Montagner which explores the musical roots of Western Civilations. With piercingly ethereal vocals from Aki Osada the piece unravels around the swiftly compelling progression of flute, lute, harmonium and drums. The strength in the vocals hits you at the same time as the transient plucking and thudding of the instruments for an unadulteratedly pure aural experience. Whilst Neo-Classical is finally starting to break waves in the UK, there is little which can compare to the Medievally inspired piece which blends a myriad of cultures both archaic and cotemporary together to produce a compellingly cinematic sound to represent the evolution of music.

You can listen to Daniele Montagner – Ensemble Voyagers composition De gli occhi de la mia donna si move for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast