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The Arcane Insignia opened an unholy doorway with their synthesis of classical instrumentation and prog rock volution, Vagrant’s Throne

The Arcane Insignia’s moniker couldn’t be more fitting following the unveiling of their latest orchestrally aligned acoustic prog rock single, Vagrant’s Throne. The New York City duo set a new benchmark in the genre with this 8-minute epic, released as part of their LP, A Violent Whisper.

The dark iteration of classical music still maintains its elegance and opulence as it grapples with the complex signatures of progressive rock’s audacious spirit and the chameleonic vocals which seamlessly shift from the histrionics of New Model Army to the rage and rancour which transcends the furore of Pantera.

Formed by Lodrö Nyima, The Arcane Insignia consists of Noah Heau on cello and Nyima handling vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar, and piano. Their music, a unique amalgamation of influences ranging from Tool and Steven Wilson to The Contortionist, allows the classical instrumentation to venture into darker territories than it is typically accustomed to, creating a scintillating new domain where the ornate, cutting classical strings meet cathartic aural oblivion. This fusion also opens an unholy doorway to a realm where anything is plausible and everything is cinematically striking.

Following in the footsteps of bands like Ne Obliviscaris, Vagrant’s Throne, which unravels as a compelling exposition on classism, proves The Arcane Insignia’s commitment to breaking down antiquated barriers.

Stream the single on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast