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Ernesto Nobili Melancholically Etched the Sweetest Ambient Neo-Classic Guitar Serenade with ‘Roma’

Ernesto Nobili

25 years as a composer, producer, and session musician, condensed into a poignantly ambient classical guitar score; Ernesto Nobili’s single, Roma, allows gentle tenacity to give way to intricately etched cinematic magnetism.

While I never thought I would hear a melancholia rival to Glen Hansard’s soundtrack to Once, the Italian composer took influence from the 60s and 70s Italian film to timelessly celebrate the style and soul of the breathtakingly romantic mise en scenes.

Throughout the entire duration, I found myself torn between the micro-expressions of ennui and the profound beauty within the instrumental piece. Nobili professes not to be a virtuoso, but I haven’t heard many guitarists out there with the same ability to pull emotion out of acoustic timbre quite so intuitively.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast