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Casey McGrath – Fiddle Rabbit (A Four-Stringed Tribute to Eminem)

Any fans of the aural alchemy which 2cellos can weave will definitely want to turn their attention to the latest piece to be released by classically-trained violinist Casey McGrath.

“Fiddle Rabbit (A Four-Stringed Tribute to Eminem)” revives one of the most iconic Hip Hop melodies of recent decades. You’ll still be able to hear the smacks of the 808s with Casey McGrath’s delicate yet tensile notes quivering atop of them.  Yet, Casey McGrath laced the soundscape with her own distinction. Instead of the fraught momentum pouring from the Rap bars, you’ll hear a frenzied violin which is more than efficacious at evoking emotion as the urgency of the note progressions resonate.

It’s rare that you’ll hear a fraction of Casey McGrath’s talent on the airwaves. Classical music may not be the most accessible of genres. But it’s tracks such as Fiddle Rabbit which have the power to change just that.

You can check out Casey McGrath’s fitting ode to the Rap legend for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kenneth Douglas Mukasa – Dear Little Homie: Classically Cinematic Hip Hop

Dear Little Homie by KD Mukasa

London-based artist Kenneth Douglas Mukasa has brought Hip Hop to evocative new heights with his single “Dear Little Homie”.

While the title may make it sound like your average Hip Hop jam, the cinematic work of classically-infused Hip Hop is anything but your average 808-driven jam. There’s soul, there’s style, and a sensual amount of poised sultry vibes.

With neo-classical piano melodies and the haunting quivers of strings creating the perfect platform for Kenneth Douglas Mukasa’s vocals, it’s hard to say whether it’s the instrumentals or the vocals which bring the most emotive weight to the mix.

But what is incredibly safe to say is that Kenneth Douglas Mukasa has one of the most refreshing new approaches to Hip Hop since Scroobius Pip. And we’re all too excited to have him on our radar.

You can check out Kenneth Douglas Mukasa’s single for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast