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True beauty in a challenging world: Michael Livschitz performs with such love on ‘Farewell in the Rain’

Michael Livschitz brings forth to the tired world a tremendous classical instrumental piece full of majestic piano pureness, that will have you closing your weary eyes and finding a new fresh perspective on his new single called ‘Farewell in the Rain‘.

Munich, Germany-based composer, songwriter and instrumental musician Michael Livschitz, makes meaningful music without vocals, that has been carefully created to make a real difference to your ever-changing mood. This is such a sweet and peaceful new single that fully showcases the fine talent that is just getting better and better.

The almost cinematic soundscape inserts chills in your body and you shiver with true anticipation of what is next to come. The melody feels church-like as this is so peaceful and clearly took many weeks and months to perfect.

Michael has the ability of a master at work and his only goal is for his music to be heard by as many new hearts as possible, while always being true to himself.

Farewell in the Rain‘ from Germany’s Michael Livschitz is a soothing single full of tender love and care that puts you on a cloud of emotions that will have you gazing out the window- or staring at the stars above. This is a terrific song that is best listened to when you have the candles on and are ready to be reflective. Music is for the soul after all.

Hear this lovely song here on Spotify and see what he does next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sonophonix drive us ‘Crazy In Love’ with their latest single

Commencing with a beautiful, arpeggiated piano motif before being joined by the deep, sonorous swell of cello, ‘Crazy In Love’ is a beautiful, haunting piece, an instrumental duet of resonant, musical artistry and elegance that showcases the talents of two incredible musicians.

Pianist Deborah Robb and cellist Xue Yang Liu met while students at the Mannes School of Music at the New School in New York City.  While attending Mannes they performed chamber music together and were members of the Mannes American Composers Ensemble (MACE) under the direction of composer Lowell Liebermann.  Their Sonophonix duo merges their composing, arranging and improvisation skills, and ‘Crazy In Love’ is a perfect example of their art, allowing each performer the personal space to breathe whilst intertwining their individual contributions into something altogether greater, a delicate, mellow, composition of refinement and elegance that transcends the classical genre and becomes something altogether of its own.

Crazy In Love can be heard from the Sonophonix website.

Review by Alex Holmes

Kathy Lin, Blue Vines Music – Lighthouse: Classical Cinematic Catharsis

How Kathy Lin alongside Blue Vines Music created such a conceptually visceral piece in under three minutes I will never understand. The classical composition progresses seamlessly throughout the duration of the track, allowing you to feel every ounce of emotion which is pouring through the piano keys and violin strings.

Their ambient approach to sound is firmly rooted within South African origin which becomes palpably perceptible as the track reaches the prelude, but what really sets the composition apart from every other classical and neo-classical piece I’ve heard as of late is the diversity and texture which is fused into the sound through the various cultures that influenced the orchestration of the deftly beautiful melody.

You can check out the stunning soundscapes created by Blue Vines Music on Jango now.

You can keep up to date with all of the latest compositions rom Blue Vines Music by following them on Facebook. If you’re a fan of Blues, Classical and Ambient music you’re in for a treat.

Review by Amelia Vandergast