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Yvng Marvae walked among hip-hop giants with ‘Born 2 Shine’

Hip-hop productions don’t often come much bigger than the package Yvng Marvae signed, sealed and delivered with help from his producer, Ixxander. His latest single “Born 2 Shine” is a massive hit that glistens with East Coast immensity; the Wu-Tang lyrical name check makes it clear where Yvng Marvae gets his flow inspiration from, yet, the sonics of the track are undeniably heavily influenced by Jay Z.

With a larger-than-life persona and beats that don’t get dwarfed under his charisma, “Born 2 Shine” is a manifesto on how to unapologetically and defiantly stand tall, which ensures every lyric serves to pull you into the expansive energy of the cinematic hit that you’ll want to surge through your speakers at max volume.

This track not only spotlights Yvng Marvae’s adept skill at crafting flow and rhythm but also underscores his ability to create an anthem that resonates with the grandeur of hip-hop’s golden era while projecting his own unique modern flair.

The collaboration with Ixxander brings a level of production that elevates the song beyond typical chart-toppers, making it a resonant piece for both new listeners and long-time hip-hop fans. “Born 2 Shine” proves that Yvng Marvae is not just following in the footsteps of giants; he is striding alongside them, ready to cast his own giant shadow on the industry.

Born 2 Shine was officially released on April 5; stream the single on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

bleed moxie is the antithesis of Andrew Tate in his cinematically luxe alt-hip-hop track, women’s society

In a genre often marred by stereotypical portrayals, bleed moxie’s latest alt-hip-hop single, ‘women’s society’ is a refreshingly progressive deviation. Mitchel Paulson, under his latest persona, weaved a narrative that not only celebrates femininity but also challenges the listener to re-evaluate their perceptions and discriminations.

After an intro of 50s doo-wop and a touch of retro Hollywood glamour, the beat ushers into the dreamy-with-hazy-hues jazz-infused soundscape, which lays the perfect foundation for the emotionally charged rap bars. His verses are a poignant tribute to women, far removed from the objectifying rhetoric prevalent in much of contemporary hip-hop.

The track’s artfully nostalgic production juxtaposes sharply with its message, reminding us of a time when women were upheld with respect in society. This contrast is a sonically visualised commentary on the current socio-cultural climate, especially in the wake of incel movements led by figures like Andrew Tate. This track is not just vital; it’s a necessary step forward in the evolution of hip-hop.

bleed moxie, a chameleon in the music world, has evolved from the party-hard, emo-tinged innovator to the introspective, mature artist we hear today. His journey through various personas – from the Mox & J. Project to MJ FLAWS – has been a testament to his adaptability and depth as an artist.

women’s society was officially released on March 1st; stream the single on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Post-hardcore meets hip hop in SEER SEEKER’s viscerally bruising standout release, GONE TOO LONG

Post-hardcore meets nu-metal and creates friction with hard-hitting hip-hop in the standout cinematic mash-up, GONE TOO LONG, from the hotly anticipated debut album TO THE CORE, from SEER SEEKER.

For the seminal track from the LP, SEER SEEKER took the foundation laid by Linkin Park and launched it into a brand-new scintillating atmosphere, which channels the same tumultuous visceralism as ground-breaking artists in the vein of Wage War, Polaris, and Fit for a King. While some artists are content getting up to speed with the contemporary curve, others are palpably determined to sit on a plateau above it. SEER SEEKER is definitively in the latter camp.

High-octane enigmatic energy courses through the electrifying release as SEER SEEKER uses every ounce of their volition to make the weight of the lyricism cascade with bruising and deeply affecting impact. Between the cross-appeal of the monolithic aesthetic and the up-and-coming artist’s maniacally larger-than-life charisma, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more promising breakthrough post-hardcore artist on the airwaves right now.

TO THE CORE was officially released on December 22. Stream it in full on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Genaddy took motivational hip-hop to a cinematically fiery new plateau with his debut, 1,000 Mile.

After dropping his debut single, 1,000 Mile, the veraciously fresh rapper, Genaddy, has already shed his up-and-coming underdog status, amassing over 56k monthly listeners on Spotify with his astronomically high-octane energy.

By taking motivational hip-hop to a cinematically fiery new plateau with orchestral elements sweeping across the big beats, there’s no overstating the epic scale, dramatic intensity, or the way the production enhances the storytelling.

With a flow as fervent as Busta Rhymes and Twista paired with the sharp and ingenious wordplay of Nas and Lil Wayne and the production pumping out the innovative and emotional resonance of a Hans Zimmer score, we may as well hand the keys to the hip-hop dominion over to Genaddy in 2024. With a debut LP locked, loaded and ready to drop nuclear bombs on the airwaves next year, Genaddy isn’t an artist you want to sleep on.

Check out the 1,000 Mile single, featuring the B-side, Circles, on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mizzery Jones ensnares via culturally cultivated distinction in his seminal rap track, Yes

Mizzery Jones established himself as a master of rhythmic magnetism while battling his introspective demons in his seminal rap track, Yes, which pulls listeners into a space where old-school hip-hop meets a new era of sound.

The track is a testament to Mizzery Jones’s ability to honour the genre’s roots while allowing his bars to flow into uncharted territories with his distinctive style. Vocally, there are touches of Eminem as Jones blends the foundational beats of hip-hop with fresh cinematic production stylings. If you can imagine being sonically guided through a vibrant bazaar of sounds, where each beat and note is infused with a sense of exoticism, you’ll get an idea of the colourfully layered complexity within Yes, which is prised from Jones’ EP, I’ll Be Back Before Too Long.

This sharp and esoteric indicator of Jones’ ability to intellectually stimulate through his wordplay and deliver verses with a hypnotically assertive cadence won’t fail to capture your attention and keep hold of it with a vice-like grip until the very last note. It’s impossible not to be ensnared by Mizzery Jones’s culturally cultivated distinction as he allows his lyrics to unravel as a panoramic picture of determinism, candour and emotional intelligence.

Mizzery Jones’s biography adds another layer of depth to his artistry. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, this producer and artist spent a significant portion of his life in the vibrant cultural landscapes of Chapala and Guadalajara, Mexico; experiences that have clearly seeped into the textured layers of his music.

Stream the I’ll Be Back Before Too Long EP on Spotify or purchase the EP on Apple Music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Emanuel Arzumanyan freed his listeners from the comparison trap with his hip-hop track, Gotta Get Mine ft Mr Maph

For his latest single and most popular hit to date, Gotta Get Mine, the Antwerp, Belgium-based beat maker, hip-hop producer, guitarist, and audio engineer, Emanuel Arzumanyan, collaborated with the London-based trailblazer of a lyricist and vocalist Mr Maph to deliver a high-octane rap track that will leave you adrenalized with inspiration.

The reprise “gotta get mine, gotta get yours” over the cinematically Grammy-worthy hip-hop orchestration is an efficaciously succinct way to veer listeners away from envy and the comparison trap and towards determination that doesn’t revolve around anticipating and facilitating the downfall of others.

Gotta Get Mine evades all of the usual tropes to unravel as a hit that delivers introspective gold over each of the expertly crafted hooks that will remain sharp enough in your mind to necessitate making Gotta Get Mine a playlist staple.

Stream Gotta Get Mine on Spotify and follow Emanuel Arzumanyan on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

justMusic radiated originality in his stylised and cinematic hip-hop track, MORNING SUN

The Virginia & Florida-hailing hip-hop pioneer justMusic pays no loyalty to coastal sub-genres; he drifts between stylings and pulls in inspiration and creativity where he imaginatively sees fit. His latest cinematically soulful single, MORNING SUN, is the perfect introduction to his tendency to colour outside of the archetypal melodic lines to paint an urban picture of pure originality.

As the synthesised orchestral strings cut through the immersive atmosphere, justMusic pulls it back together with his harmonised vocal lines that soak the soundscape in soul between the dripping-with-conviction rap bars.

When the singer and rap artist isn’t cooking up hits to supplement his already eclectic discography, he’s using his passion for success in his highly accomplished skateboarding career but he’s stepped off the board for long enough to work on his latest project MuX. 

MORNING SUN hit the airwaves on August 25; stream it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lex the Visionary artfully revolutionised alt-hip-hop with ‘Stretch’

If you like your rap tracks dark, decadent and full of hooks, delve right into the debut EP, LOTUS, from the Atlanta-based originator Lex the Visionary. Between the four tracks, the evocative trailblazer invites the listener on a journey from heartbreak to the discovery of her authentic self; the cinematic proclivities of the release give you a panoramic view of the roadmap of actualisation and redemption.

The standout single, Stretch, pushes the hip-hop envelope into artfully authentic new territory underpinned by Lex the Visionary’s delectable way of constructing moody melodies. The juxtaposition between her vocals, which give a view into her history with church choirs, and the spacey, at some points transcendent sonic motifs, is nothing short of arrestive.

After the midway mark in Stretch, the soundscape takes an ambient turn; the lush reverb drifting from the synth lines reaches the pinnacle of ethereal catharsis while giving you space to reflect on the introspective gold relayed into this elevated with luxe ingenuity release.

Stream Lex the Visionary’s EP via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

DDRMR dropped the biggest rap hit of the year with King Shit featuring GYZ

If you are looking to discover the biggest hip-hop track of 2023, there is absolutely no point in looking past the latest single unleashed by DDRMR. Created in collaboration with GYZ, King Shit, is a riot of galvanizingly layered ingenuity.

After a prelude of droning synthetics which harbinger cinematic doom, King Shit quickly becomes a multifaceted masterpiece of duality with the gospel-ESQUE backing vocals that have been amplified to the nth degree to enliven the juggernaut of a rap track with a sense of soul that you will want to savour time after time.

The Russia-born, Canada-based artist crafts his genre-fluid hits under the heavy influence of Linkin Park and Mike Shinoda, Buckethead, Kanye West, J-Cole, Hans Zimmer, Odesza and Japanese composer Yuki Kajiura. By having complete creative control over his tracks, from writing to production, he actualises his rhythmic poetry in his monolithic urban soundtracks, which always come complete with storming rap bars that are dominant enough to make your speakers shiver.

While nothing comes close to a live performance from DDRMR, watch the official music video for King Shit on YouTube until he rocks the stage at a venue near you.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get swept up in the minor key momentum in P wE$t’s cinematically raw hip hop single, Smokin N Tha Rain

‘Smokin N Tha Rain’ is the cinematically melancholic standout single from P wE$t’s debut album, Permanent Timing. Despite the heavy sentiments vulnerably relayed through the rap bars, the up-and-coming artist was riding high on the new wave of hip hop in the wavey yet sharp hit which allows you to feel every ounce of urgency in the delivery.

Starting with a striking minor key piano melody and letting the atmospheric alchemy build from there, being consumed by the visceral emotion and intellectual instrumental layering is no option. P wE$t is easily one of the most underrated emo rap artists on the underground right now. Give him some love, and that will come back tenfold as you appreciate his ability to turn introspection and experience into universal resonance.

Smokin N Tha Rain is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast