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Let Me Make You Smile: Chuck Starr finds the missing love on Swipe Right

Taken directly via the debut album called Love Math, Chuck Starr has unearthed a new love for us to be encouraged by in such an ignore-me-now world with an absolute gem called Swipe Right.

Chuck Starr is a Columbus, Ohio-born New York-based indie RnB-influenced pop singer-songwriter who loves to invoke deep emotions to enthrall all listeners deep inside.

Leaving his audiences with lasting impressions of happiness, love, and joy after every show, Starr easily gained popularity through social media following and expanded his fan base internationally.” ~ Chuck Starr

As he lights up the stage and causes blushes to emerge from the crowd, Chuck Starr is so fantastic on Swipe Right and might cause romantic moods to reappear.

Swipe Right from Columbus, Ohio-born New York-based indie RnB-influenced pop singer-songwriter Chuck Starr is a hand-holding kinda track for those who have felt so lonely and out of love. There is pure calmness here in droves, leading us into a romantic embrace like no other.

Sung with a tremendous tone and bringing us hope, this is a slow dance single to glide with all night.

Turn this up loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chuck Starr shows us the beauty in unconditional love with ‘Come Back’, taken from his debut LP.

Chuck Starr

Taken from his debut record, Love Math, Chuck Starr’s sweeter than a sugar rush old-school RnB hit, Come Back, definitively hits the spot.

Come Back stridently yet elegantly runs through all of those jarring and disjointing feelings that can be paralysing at the end of a relationship you never wanted to lose. Yet, its nuance lies within its recognition of self-sabotaging behaviour and proving the beauty in unconditional love. Even in the ears of a romantic cynic, Come Back succeeds in stirring the listener’s soul to match the euphoric soulful swells in the high energy performance.

The Columbus, OH born and raised artist cut his vocal teeth in a church choir before moving to New York to peruse his music career. After the release of his debut record, it is easy to see Starr’s career being a luminous one.

Check out Chuck Starr via his official website, Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast