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Brooklyn’s Christopher Lovell sings to the stars on ”Twin Flame”

Christopher Lovell¬†is a Brooklyn, New York native with a huge amount of drive and fight to make this music career work. He is back with ”Twin Flame” and the volume needs to be placed on full for this one.

Singer-songwriter Christopher Lovell grew up in Brooklyn, New York. His first dream was music. With a father who produced music wanting to be like his Dad become an obsession. This song is an underrated gem of note and I like the experienced R&B style here. He always keeps it classy and you can tell he is ready.

After just turning 30, you feel like this is the big moment. A maturing sound has allowed Christopher to peak on ”Twin Flame”. This is about wanting for things to change so you restore the galaxy and how you saw it formed. What’s meant to be, will be. This is the mantra and the core of the final income.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen