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The special day to enjoy: Kingston Alt-Rock outfit Automan sing so passionately on ‘Will You Stay For Christmas’

The familiar bells ring out as the glittered vocals echo brightly from the inspired headphones on ‘Will You Stay For Christmas‘ from Kingston, London group Automan.

This is a modern day Christmas tune that is so welcome in this sad year. This is the story about wanting those close to stay for Christmas and never leave, the bond of this special day is there for all to enjoy this year and to try and forget the worries for one day at least.

Inspired by such wonderful artists such as Roxy Music, Radiohead, R.E.M. Flaming Lips, Orange Juice, Grandaddy and Neil Young, this is a duo that has morphed into a band over the years. They encompass more instruments too as piano, synth and electro beats have found their way into the family dinner table with the trusty guitar and breathless vocals of course. Huw and Freddie wanted more company to eat with after playing together since they were 12 years old. Music really is a family after all.

His voice is so honest and passionate, each word so meaningful and the band add such cinematic elegance to the wonderful Christmas song. If only a new Home Alone movie could be made as this would be a perfect fit as a lead soundtrack.

Santa’s 2020 theme song is here with London band Automan providing us with a welcome distraction from the depressing news cycle on ‘Will You Stay For Christmas’. This is a lovely song that is for the whole family in our time of need.

Hear this gem via Soundcloud and follow the band on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen