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Not The Right Time: Boston-based indie pop artist Chris Peters knows that he is always ‘In Between’

With a radiant ray of vibrantly exciting energy that certainly transforms those cloudy days into wonderful sunshine, Chris Peters wants to be with his dream lover so much but knows that they will always be with someone else on ‘In Between’.

Chris Peters is a Chicago-born, Boston-based indie pop singer-songwriter. He is a current Berklee College of Music in Boston student, and is only interested in spreading love and light through his music creations.

He sings with such a clear vocal ability that makes you take notice and turn up the volume, as he performs with a freedom that is so glorious to lather lovingly inside. With a smooth style and rather descriptive lyrics that shows you where his head is at, he avoids the often-confusing mystery and shows us warmly into his clearly creative mind with much-pleasing gusto.

In Between‘ from the Boston-based indie pop singer-songwriter Chris Peters, is that leave-me or love-me type of song which follows a relevant story of being with someone who you love, but it seems like you will be destined to be friends with forever. Your heart is telling you to stick around as things might change – but your trustworthy gut is saying you should move on – as you wonder deeply as to why your ideal lover, wants to be with someone else who continues to hurt them.

Sometimes you just need to accept that you can’t be together, even when you see them your heart beats uncontrollably and you say things you wouldn’t with anyone else in the world.

Stream this new single on his Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


American singer-songwriter Chris Peters released his latest track ‘Miss Communication’ on April 15th 2020, a passionately folk ballad.

The whole song develops around acoustic guitars, gentle notes and multiple vocals in a genuine folk style that prides itself on a brilliantly creative song-writing for a widely harmonic outcome. Chris Peters talks about the early days of a relationship – when everything feels so unsure and undefined – and how sometimes it’s better not to focus on the uncertainty but just live in the in-between. The only way to go through it is establishing open communication: he’d rather have miscomunication than to “miss communication with you.“

If we’re talking communication here, this song says many things you may not want to miss out on.

Check out ‘Miss Communication’ on Spotify for yourself.

Review by Jim Esposito.