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I Should Let Go: Chris Milo keeps on holding onto those vivid ‘Memories’

As he glances into the dusty mirror and wonders why they pretended to love him in the first place, Chris Milo gazes intently and wishes that he hadn’t wasted his time as he still thinks of them whilst comprehending that he shouldn’t on ‘Memories‘.

Chris Milo is an 18-year-old Long Island, New York-born indie-pop multi-instrumentalist, music producer, actor, and much-respected dancer.

In addition to singing, Chris is also an accomplished dancer, having appeared at numerous, international Latin ballroom competitions. He has also appeared in independent films as well as performed on numerous main stage theatre productions in the New York area.” ~ Chris Milo

With a voice so uncorrupted and carefully-written lyrics which are so strikingly unpretentious that it leaves you remembering their name forever, Chris Milo shows us why he is so highly regarded as one of the most exciting young acts to truly keep a close eye on globally. His crisply calm style feels like the first bite of the tastiest meal you have ever eaten, that soothes your palate and entrenches a time in your life that you will find hard to forget.

Memories‘ from the well-liked Long Island, New York-born indie-pop multi-instrumentalist, music producer, actor, and dancer Chris Milo, is a nostalgic single from a young man who can’t get his ex’s picture out of his mind. He feels like he needs to move on but somehow struggles to, as he wonders if they will ever leave his consciousness. The vividness was so real for him, as he feels like a fool who was lied to by a soul-grabbing greedy human who had evil intentions.

Sometimes love just doesn’t make sense and is unfairly cruel, teaching us a valuable lesson to be so careful on who we let see our precious energy.

See this descriptive video on YouTube and find out more news via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen