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Producer Chris Martines Releases Debut EP ‘Fairytale’

Electronic music has fused with pop in myriad ways and for all but the most avid listeners, the endless variety of labels and subgenres can be daunting. For many, there’s simplicity under the umbrella of pop. Even when influenced by other scenes and sounds, there’s never a need to dedicate oneself to fitting into a singular box of what fits the cultural image. Fairy Tale by Chris Martines is a great example of pop music staying true to simple, catchy structures while decorating them in a variety of electronic inspirations.

While the song may not be a major dance number, there’s a hint of R&B sway that finds itself in a comfortably slow tempo. This lets the vocal performances breathe and be as expressive as they need to be, without resorting to a backing of monotonous minimalism. The synths might be the most notable elements of the track. They stand out for their brightness, lending some of the charm from synth pop into a much more intimate song than you’d expect. Fairy Tale breaks some rules without treading into Avant-garde territory and proves to be an easy listener for anyone with a curiosity towards pop and beyond.

-Paul Weyer