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Slicing away the doubts: Roses from Bones cuts through the loneliness with ‘Guillotine’

Whilst looking after his father recover from a dreadful accident, Roses from Bones sings from the darkest part of his soul on the impressively sharp ‘Guillotine‘.

Roses from Bones is the consciously advanced DIY indie-folk music project from Florida-based Chris Fritz. He sings about being lonely, dealing with self-doubt, fitting in and having the courage to follow your dreams, no matter what locked doors are in front of you.

His eerily honest voice fills the room full of darkness, his unfurnished room with the air mattress in the corner sinks into the creaky floor of his parents house, as he finds the inspiration to make the type of music he has been visualizing for years.

With recording studios closed due to pesky covid restrictions, he has done an outstanding job to almost-perfect the production, his over analyzing mind lathering over the thoughts, as he realized it was actually done and the time to move on to the next song was near.

With strong vocals that show his ambition, each word is meaningful and with deep thought as he sings so brightly and with that extra hunger in his spine. This is the ultimate underdog who refuses to be shut out, the talent is there and can be heard marvelously here, as he starts this new journey to full enlightenment.

Guillotine‘ from Florida’s indie-folk project Roses from Bones, is that special track that makes the hairs on your arms stand up as you nod your head and turn the volume up, eager not to miss any word from this humble underground gem.

Slowly edging away from his doubts, this is the story of breaking free from the shackles of society and being free with the caring sounds of true music.

Stream this gripping single on Spotify and see more about this real artist on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen