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How Many Offers: East London MC Reptile B rips the script on Chop Freestyle

Listening deeply inside the womb of the underground that has formed a tight bond around his music, Reptile B undresses the melody so skillfully you will think you’ve heard a lyrical chef perform a masterclass on Chop Freestyle.

Reptile B is a queer East London, UK-based grime hip hop artist who is an industry trailblazer and continues to spark up the imagination of everyone who presses play.

Showing us his Jamaican upbringing and inspiration for that timeless old school grime that is still the best, Reptile B shreds the mic on Chop Freestyle and accentuates the aura of the moment that has opened because of extraordinary bravery to beat the odds.

Is the first of his community to go viral on TikTok with UK DRILL track THG.” ~ Reptile B

Chop Freestyle from East London, UK-based MC Reptile B is a stimulating release that reveals so much depth and layer filled excellence from this courageous warrior. Sensing the prey and throttling the moment before someone else takes the throne-this is one of the most revealing listens, your eardrums will have the pleasure of being immersed inside today.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more views.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen