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Take up arms with Harlym’s enrapturing Indie Soul Pop single ‘Battle’

If you’re always on the lookout for artists to add to your playlist to keep your consciousness company, look no further than the uniquely soulful aural offerings from American singer-songwriter Harlym.

Her recently released single, ‘Battle’, offers a relatable conversational narrative which doesn’t just help you to understand the artist and their intriguing introspection. You’ll also start to understand yourself a little more as you reflect on your own defences and coping strategies which you adopt to armour yourselves from internal and external trials and tribulations.

By all accounts, Harlym’s sound is stunning, but the essence of her music lies in the affable vibe which makes her music so compelling, sincere, honest and consoling. Say what you will about this generation of artists, at 17-years-old, Harlym offers unparalleled profound enlightenment.

You can check out Battle for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lil Simba rolls in with honest picture of life on ‘Vibes’

Lil Simba is a rising New York based rapper/singer who is back with his new trap-infused track called ‘Vibes‘.

Far Rockaway in Queens was the birthplace of this young talented emcee that has since moved to Long Island. Lil Simba is 17 years old and is a fast-rising rapper in this crowded genre. He has a melodic flow that is soothing to the ears and you can see that he is influenced by artists such as Lil Baby and Post Malone. The sound of the new school that is so popular right now.

Vibes‘ from Lil Simba is a vibe that is so chilled and has been made to be enjoyed with friends. There is a peaceful tone and it’s nice to hear an emcee that isn’t trying to brag or flex too much. This is a promising emcee with a Hip Hop flow that is riding the wave of the reborn New York music scene. This is the sound of 2020.

Stream here on Soundcloud.

Click here for the Insta link to find out more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Candian artist enFp-t drops new R&B love ballad ”These Days”

After growing up in Markham, Toronto in Canada, Aaron Sum aka enFp-T– knew what he wanted to do since a young age. Perform music. He just knew if from the bottom of his bones. Despite not being a big fan of piano lessons and learning about music theory growing up, he soon realized that he just to just needed to know the core and go from there.

These Days” is the latest track from this young artist and he impress on the love ballad that is ”These Days”. This is a fresh new track all about wanting to be with that special person and daydreaming about being with them.

enFp-T strives to be a figure of male sensitivity and unashamed of sharing his thoughts and feelings about relationships, romance, and introspection. His future projects are set to be totally honest and stack filled of thought-provoking ideas. This is a musician who loves to have fun during the process.

These Days” is a fine track for 2020 and the R&B vibe is for all to hear and enjoy.

Stream this brand new inspirational song about live here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen