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Daniel Ben Mortiz lets the rhythm blossom in his latest jazz-funk soundscape, Beso Solar.

Jazz musician, composer and producer, Daniel Ben Mortiz released his latest single, Beso Solar, on September 30th; while the blissful tones induce you into a state of entrancement, the complex time signatures in the organic, almost primal soundscape have the opposite effect as they affirm that your rhythmic pulses are well and truly at the command of Mortiz and his unpredictably arresting progressions.

What starts as a lofty and meditative soundscape transgresses into a bassline-driven feat of improvised jazz and funk alchemy that won’t fail to leave your consciousness entirely consumed.

Beso Solar is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get Moving: Chile music producer Cosme De La Cruz slides up the volume on ‘Body’

After briefly performing under the alias of ZEST, Cosme De La Cruz returns to his roots on his latest flamboyant track full of foot tapping trap combined skillfully with urban latin to soothe all our frustration-filled worries away into the wind called ‘Body‘.

Cosme André De La Cruz García aka Cosme De La Cruz, is a Coquimbo, Chile-based DJ and music producer. He makes that quick-fire dance music, that has been made to boost your mood to its maximum capacity.

This is a track that seems to take your mind back to those parties of yesteryear, with a creative beat which changes up without notice to stun your impressed senses. There is a real intention to get the crowds moving again after a long slumber away from those pulsating nights out like before, as he entertains massively here on this burning-hot track.

Body‘ from the well-respected Coquimbo, Chile-based DJ and music producer Cosme De La Cruz, is an explosive party-starter that has you busting out – and dusting off – those elite dance moves you have hidden away for ages. He displays a real skill on the decks and has put together a real ear-warmer here. There is a stack-full of variety and body sliding rhythm to bathe into heartily, to heat up the soul again after being locked inside for too long.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DJ drop this sound: Patiotic and Ramon Sanz have us dancing again in a ‘Hazy Maze’

With a wealth of wondrous sounds to heal our broken dreams, Patiotic and Ramon Sanz lift us up into an alternate universe on ‘Hazy Maze‘.

Patiotic is a marvelous multi-instrumentalist/producer from Santiago, Chile and has joined for forces with the quality talent of Ramon Sanz, who is a Zaragoza, Spain-based saxophonist and director of the Municipal School of Music of Calatayud.

The story of looking up above and seeing that there is more out there after a great night out, where the DJ improved your mood with a song that really had you thinking twice, the soaring energies were so translucent you thought you might be hallucinating.

This catchy beat has you nodding your head quickly, you imagine being around humans again and imagine jumping around in a daze of euphoria, that stimulates all parts of your body with reckless abandon.

Hazy Maze‘ from world class artists Patiotic from Chile and Ramon Sanz from Spain, connects the world with a sumptuous display of space-bound club feels, in a tremendous song that raises the bar and makes you feel like there is hope on the way, after these dark times of self-doubt and heartbreak.

Stream this quality soundscape on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen