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Chi Waller prescribed high-fire flavour in her alt-rap track, OutWest Players ft Wan00 & Mo Joe

For her latest single, OutWest Players, Chicago’s fieriest alt-rap trailblazer, Chi Waller, stepped into the studio with Wan00 and Mo Joe to deliver a soul-affirmingly flavourful hit of pure soulful ingenuity.

The rapid-fire rap bars from the powerhouse trio against the melodically mesmerising rhythms and smooth polyphonic synths is an intoxicating amalgamation; the juxtaposition between the soul and attitude makes the alchemy of OutWest Players infinitely sweeter.

If you can imagine a blend of Busta Rhymes and Macy Gray’s signature styles, you’ll have an idea of the kind of innovation that will greet you if you take a chance on this enlivening synthesis of soul, rap, funk and RnB.

OutWest Players dropped on September 20. Stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast