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Under My Skin: ChemiQueen bravely battles through the frigid rain on Into The Storm

Heavy to the core and stunning all innocent ears into a certain submission, ChemiQueen roars into life like a hungry Lion ready to fight on a stupendously fiery single to battle all wars no matter the weirdly ominous weather outside on Into The Storm.

ChemiQueen is a South Essex, UK-based indie alternative experimental metal/hard rock artist who loves to electrify audiences with a ravishing blend of ear-sizzling proportions.

Controlled and crafted by the dark queen herself, their intoxicating influence will leave you single-minded, prepare to submit yourself to the ChemiQueen.” ~ ChemiQueen

She’s clawing her way to the peak and taking her band with her for the ride of a lifetime on this skin-peeling session. ChemiQueen means business on this 6-minute plus snack for anyone who needed a lift from the cold climates of doom. Turn this up okay?

Into The Storm from South Essex, UK-based indie alternative experimental metal/hard rock artist ChemiQueen is a raw display of growing intensity which shall wake up any sleepy cats in the neighbourhood. This is vein-popping stuff and shall improve moods for the better or scare many away. That is the point of this creation. It’s certainly not for everyone and that’s okay. This is packed with a grenade-like explosion for all of our hearts. Are you ready?

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen