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Charlotte Forman opened a gateway to the golden era of soul with ‘Make Me Your Girl’

Charlotte Forman opened a gateway to the golden era of soul with the superlatively timbered harmonies in her seminal single, Make Me Your Girl. It’s one of the few instances in the landscape of contemporary music where authenticity doesn’t play second fiddle to commercial appeal.

The UK songstress always puts her intricate imprint on her blends of soul, pop, jazz, and RnB. Make Me Your Girl, which unfolds as a compelling journey through the nuances of old-school soul is no exception. Forman’s voice, a potent blend of power and vulnerability, carries the song with an effortless grace reminiscent of the genre’s legends. The single’s cinematic quality is undeniable. Each crescendo and harmony is crafted with precision, enveloping the listener in a hauntingly warm tapestry of sound.

The lyrics, a poignant reflection of Forman’s personal experiences, speak of love and longing with an honesty that is both rare and relatable – despite our contemporary fear of rejection getting in the way of candour.

With Make Me Your Girl, Charlotte Forman not only cements her place as a rising star in the British music scene but also as a voice for the modern romantic. Her journey from the stages of amateur dramatic groups to headlining sold-out shows is a narrative of perseverance and passion. We can’t wait to see the heights she reaches as one of the most magnetic artists of our era.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast