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Old and Grey: Charlie Plews takes her by the hand on his 3rd single Music to my Ears

Taking a deep breath and loving each moment as he treasures the company of someone so exceptional, Charlie Plews shall make all doubts evaporate into the night eternally on the satisfying new release, Music to my Ears.

Charlie Plews is a Leicestershire, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter who performs the kind of sunny skied songs which puts smiles on the faces of those who really need it.

With a cinematic vibe and laced with enlightened energy, Charlie Plews has brought back positive vibrations in 2023. This is a jewel of a track made with pure intentions which deserves to be on all of our playlists.

Music to my Ears from Leicestershire, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter Charlie Plews is a real kickstart to the stomach which will ease all worries into the washing machine of life forever. This is a stunner to heal all scars. It’s beautifully created and the vocals are so calming and clearly made with a graceful vitality to embrace.

If you need to believe in love, this is the song to turn up loud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen