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When you can’t stop thinking about her: Richard Alexander sends his special soul a message on ‘Love You More’ (feat. Henjamin & Chantal Dee)

Richard Alexander shows his caring side on the lovely new single release called ‘Love You More’ (feat. Henjamin & Chantal Dee).

United States Marine veteran/singer-songwriter Richard Alexander is from Elmont, New York. He makes that real music that helps you feel good inside. He is a man who gets that you need to be inspired in life, so he creates soundscape melodies that are so heartfelt and tender for the soul. We all that need so much extra peace right now to survive this wild world.

This is the story of having that look in your eyes when you see her, and she is the only girl in the world that you want to be with. You feel all giddy inside and you just feel like you should be together- as she has a special part place in your beating heart.

With R&B vocals, Hip-Hop raps, and a fresh beat full of soulfully sweet flowers that make you smile when you smell them, this is a terrific track to unwind to while you smile to yourself, remembering how she makes you feel.

‘Love You More’ (feat. Henjamin & Chantal Dee) from US Marine veteran Richard Alexander is one of the more genuine songs you will hear in 2021. From war, there comes peace and with-it music that is timeless and heals broken dreams with life and love. This is one of those moments where a song captures the self-awareness needed in a confused and decisive time in the world.

True music like his saved Richard’s life and got him through tough situations, so it can do the same for us all.

Stream this new single here on YouTube and follow on IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen