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Brain Focused: Houston rapper Gallowayyys wonders if he is indeed a ‘Chain Smoker’

Featuring a spark-filled beat that keeps it coming with real flair twisted inside, Gallowayyys lights up slowly and has us sifting through the foggy clouds that have been effortlessly created on ‘Chain Smoker‘.

Gallowayyys aka Blake, is a highly creative blonde-haired Houston, Texas-based indie rapper, singer, music producer and planes-walker.

Having grown up in various diverse environments across Texas, his expressions effortlessly shift from a hedonistic focus on self indulgence & toxicity, to deeper narratives about identity & everything that makes us human.” ~ Gallowayyys

You feel like he is inspiringly self-enlightened and gets that this is his opportunity right now, as he displays ravashing vocals that has you turning up the volume to get a better listen. This mezmirising beat is so intriging and takes you to a facinated place, with a fresh track laced with a motivated feel which has you ready for anything.

Chain Smoker‘ from the very concious Houston, Texas based soul-seeker, rapper, singer and music producer Gallowayyys, is a terrific single that seems to consume you and take you to a place you remember from your youth. The vibe is alive and the energy is lit, from a truly exciting talent who seems to be evolving right before our eyes. He sings with such a wonderful freedom that is quite outstanding, as he brings us a tasty track that will be stuck in your clothes all night long.

Hear this flasy track on Spotify and see his style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen