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Centric – The Fifth Dimension: Pure Unadulterated Progressive Sound

The Virginia based band Centric are an absolute analogue dream. Their track The Fifth Dimension was released in October 2017 but they’re worthy of a throwback review of their genius approach to music. It truly is a crime that Centric still lingers on the underground music scene,

Centric’s music has all of the synthesised delight of Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and Shiny Toy Guns with a delectably soft Industrial EBM sound. Their futuristic sound provides a tranquil yet lucidly progressive aura. It’s expertly orchestrated with an innovative sound that’s pushed through each beat to provide you with a myriad of emotions as the track runs through its 5 minute duration. Centric’s other tracks such as Heartlead and Telluride provide much more of a synthesised grungy sound not too dissimilar from bands such as the Editors. Bands such as Centric prove that Grunge and soft rock have an Infinite Malleability, and their elemental influence can be revelled in in a plethora of other genres.

If this hit dropped on a dancefloor, I have no doubt in my mind that the crowd would be immersed in its euphoria. Their tracks retain an upbeat sound that’s highly resonant and provides a sea of soundwaves for you to sink into as your mind expands in time with the melody.

Check out their single which you can download for FREE on the BandCamp page using the link below!