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John G Drake knows it will take some sweat but ultimately worth it on ‘Young Like Frank Sinatra’

Taken from his recent 8-track album called ‘Play On‘, John G Drake shows us inside the rubble that ultimately helps you succeed if you put the work in with, ‘Young Like Frank Sinatra‘.

John G Drake is a Central Illinois, USA-based indie-rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has returned to his music roots after many decades away.

John began playing violin, piano and saxophone at age 10 and quickly switched to guitar, which has remained his primary instrument.” ~ John G Drake

With an expert glance at a legend who somehow excelled in two fields that are notoriously hard to break into, John G Drake sends us into a nostalgic vortex that might have you feeling like you have just heard a single that puts everything into perspective just right.

Reminding the misplaced youth that hard work and failure are part of the journey that leads you into that badge of toughness, this is a life lesson sung with much gusto from an artist that has seen so many flounder when they could have swum in prosperity.

John is deeply influenced by American roots music (blues, bluegrass, folk, country and western) although his music is multi-genre.” ~ John G Drake

Young Like Frank Sinatra‘ from Central Illinois, USA-based indie-rock singer-songwriter John G Drake is one of those real singles that might have you lost inside his deep vocals that reminds you of those classic days when the world seemed a lot less crazy. His storytelling brilliance is for all to see on this timeless gem that shall catapult you into a dreamy state of mind.

A single to close your eyes with as you imagine staying young forever is on offer here, from an experienced musician who has truly lived.

Hear a true master at work on Spotify and see more on his Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen