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Staying strong after heartbreak: London’s Celest Lamberti needs time to heal through music on the excellent ‘Braindead’

The wildly talented and magically mysterious voice of 18 year old multi-skilled Celest Lamberti, effortlessly calms you down and fascinates as the same time on her debut indie trip-hop pop track ‘Braindead’.

This creative creature of mystique floats above the clouds like a goddess, as her luscious voice echoes through the mountains as she finds herself again after an experience that has made he think twice. The mellow nature of the track is filled with so much consistence bounce as you gaze outside and wonder if love is real as you feel the pain of her lyrics. Some of us love so deeply that it’s hard to climb out of our own minds after being disappointed again.

Celest is a multi-instrumentalist and producer, the frontwoman of London 3 Piece Blue Psyche and is clearly on a top secret mission to push her music out to her old and future fans. 2020 is the year to swim against the wave and drop into that barrel anyway, no matter how much it hurts.

The freshly sliced pineapple that tastes so crisp in your mouth is how I feel when listening to this sumptuous song. Trip-hop fused pop with soul adds to the atmospheric tonic and ice layers of the track that swirls inside you like going on a slide at the water park. Your heart beats a bit faster but you love the rush and this is the only drug you really need. This is the power of music made with such creative energies that make the hairs on your arm stand up to attention.

Braindead’ from London’s supremely talented Celest Lamberti is one of those songs you can’t get enough of. Her real message sparks a fire inside as you work through all the stages of after-love. To heal again only takes time and re-opening your heart up again, albeit with a bit more caution than before.

Stream the electric wave field of a single from Celest on her Spotify and follow her socials on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen