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Ceaser Live Soul – Never Enough: A Hip-Hop Symphony of Tenacity and Soul

Pivot by Ceaser Live Soul

Ceaser Live Soul, hailing from Brooklyn, NY, didn’t stop at loading his latest single, Never Enough, with a series of mic drops. With the hit from his eagerly anticipated Pivot EP, he detonated lyrical dynamite while affirming that just because the next goalpost always seems greener, that doesn’t mean you will be any happier when you reach it.

The urban cautionary tale, versed through superlative lyrical dexterity, is a pathway through the labyrinth of contemporary hip-hop with 70s soul acting as a guide and unflinching intersections of 90s hip-hop bringing the momentum. Each syllable in Ceaser’s flow is felt as it dances over the soulful beat, bringing his poignant wordplay to life.

The refrain, “You can have it all but it’s never enough”, is more than a catchy hook; it’s the heartbeat of the song. It encapsulates Ceaser’s relentless pursuit of greatness, his unwavering tenacity, and the paradox of success – the constant yearning for more, even when you’ve seemingly reached the pinnacle. This theme resonates deeply, especially for those familiar with the relentless hustle of urban life.

Adding to the track’s allure is the soulfully strident backing vocals by Caribbean Pop sensation Hovlaine. Her voice adds a layer of depth and emotion, elevating the song to new heights. The collaboration is seamless, a testament to Ceaser’s skill as a producer and artist.

Stream and purchase the radio edit of Never Enough via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast