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Troy Kaszas ‘Keep Me From Falling’ is a reminder that artists don’t have to be kept in a box

One of the most interesting metrics to weigh an artist’s ability is through the songs where they didn’t necessarily sound like themselves. For some, that stand out track could be your wonder’s one hit. For others, it can threaten their career as a wrong turn that their image can never recover from. Troy Kaszas maintains his composure while flexing his pop production muscles in Keep Me From Falling, a track that will certainly secure his position in people’s minds as an artist who can see through any creative endeavor with the vigor and confidence it takes to pull off a curveball.

Keep Me From Falling has the staggered swagger of a certain boy band previously known for dangling from strings. If that’s your scene (and you know who you are), then you should start paying more attention to this solo artist. If not, maybe you should pay attention anyway. Who knows, a dose of this from the right artist could be just the revitalizing track that you need while sifting through a malaise of clone-after-clone of the same pop songs. Keep Me From Falling is a reminder that artists don’t have to be kept in a box, and if Troy Kaszas is to be judged by his more standout experiments, this song may be what Keeps him from Falling.

-Paul Weyer