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Cayo Coco – Haunt: Hyper Dream Pop Meets Palpitatingly Paced New Wave and Post-Punk Indie

Hyper dream pop meets palpitatingly paced new wave indie and post-punk in the latest single, Haunt, from one of Indiana’s most prodigal sonic protagonists, Lumen Loraine, who has already garnered millions of streams to date, featured on several editorial Spotify playlists and appeared on Pharrell’s devoutly followed Apple Music Podcast, OTHERtone.

As jarring as it initially seems for those tones to blast past you at warp speed instead of being enveloped in the kaleidoscopic choral and reverb-swathed textures which spill from drawn-out progressions, once you grow accustomed to Cayo Coco’s electrifying frantic energy which efficaciously contextualises the need to outrun your demons, you’ll see that they have exactly what it takes to stand at the vanguard of the evolution of indie.

The official music video for Haunt, which premiered on October 18th is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast