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Body Rises: Coco Varda drops the most mesmerizing single of 2022 so far with Branches

With an assortment of body-healing sounds that are truly mind-bending, Coco Varda is at her natural best with a remarkable performance to turn up loud called Branches.

Coco Varda is a UK-based indie cave pop/electronic singer-songwriter and DJ who is intrinsically inspired by legends such as Mazzy Star, Björk, Enya, and Grimes.

Expect drenched, eerie vocals and hypnotic harp loops over bass heavy trap and house inspired beats.” ~ Coco Varda describing her enchanting sound to perfection

Taken from her illumination-packed debut EP called There are worse things on the internet, this is a lost-your-mind journey from the excellent Coco Varda that assists us in getting through the weird maze of life. Made by a supremely skilled creative who brings forth a booming beat (that is never too much to handle), that will nestle in your soul like a happy bird inside a cozy nest.

Branches from the UK-based indie cave pop/electronic musician and DJ Coco Varda is a stunning single that will get you searching through nature to find to your way again. Featuring tranquil vocals and a mood-changing ambiance that could be stuck in your ears all day, to remind us that the light-filled path is there if we open up our eyes.

Listen up to this gem on Spotify and see more on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen