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Catt Bellamy has released her sophomore single ‘Just Friends’ featuring Carl Martin

Given that there’s a trend around men expecting reciprocal affection without exception from women, Catt Bellamy’s latest single, ‘Just Friends’, will carry a significant amount of resonance for a lot of people. Anyone who has ever been accused of putting someone in the ‘friendzone’ will appreciate the harmonically delivered reminder that having standards doesn’t make you a monster.

With the unapologetic attitude projecting through Catt Bellamy’s playful yet assertive vocals melding with Carl Martin’s romantically inclined mellow pop beats, Just Friends sets the tone for affection; while reminding the listener that boundaries are essential. If tracks such as Just Friends started hitting the airwaves decades ago, there may be far fewer women around with wrecked self-esteem.

Just Friends is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast