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Stuck Between These Walls: Catching Arrows wonder deeply when the beautiful sunshine will come back again on ‘Locked In’

With a thoughtful glance at the past which seems so sadly far away, Catching Arrows are so tired of being stuck inside on their new single which we can all relate to on ‘Locked In‘.

Catching Arrows is a proudly female-fronted four-piece teen indie rock pop band from the legendary city of Boston, Massachusetts.

You totally feel this story about being caged inside like a wild animal when the world was at its lowest for years, as you find yourself wondering when some sense of normal will return. The sound is alive here from a fired up vocalist who sings with that real meaning – that is so lacking in this cancel culture society – as she projects a message that is so true and fills your heart with so much anxiousness, about what tomorrow will bring.

Locked In‘ from the youthfully exuberant Boston, Massachusetts-based indie rock pop band Catching Arrows, is a reflective theme track for all of us who absoloutely hated being stuck inside. Featuring freshly-sung vocals from a wonderfully talented young lady and backed up by a loyal band – who keep things tighter than a kitty cat sliding through the pet door late at night – there is much to love about a group who only seem to get better and better.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen