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Casey Freedom is right on time in his country folk single, On My Own Time

The country singer-songwriter Casey Freedom soothingly proved that pace is the trick with his latest single, On My Own Time, which kicks back the tempo and allows you to lull yourself into the breezy Americana cool and collected atmosphere.

After graduating as a music student from the University of Oregon, Casey returned to his hometown to replant his roots enamour crowds at open mic shows. Over lockdown, he started writing his own material, which is becoming increasingly defined by the evocative themes, narrative lyricism and glistening country charm.

His songwriting style already carries decades of maturity and nuance, even after such an inexplicably short span of time; this may seem hyperbolic, but the proof lies in the slice of Americana. Take a bite.

On My Own Time is now available to stream via Spotify and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast