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Call Up My Fam: Chicago’s J. Hollins knows its going down tonight on ‘Stand Up’

As he gets the family together so that they can take over the nights proceedings, J. Hollins gets us into the mood to make some calls and dance the night away on ‘Stand Up‘.

J. Hollins aka Casanova Black, is a Chicago-born indie RnB/Soul artist, MC and Entrepreneur, who makes ladies swoon with his transfixing voice and writes well-penned lyrics that have you wishing you wrote them.

This is a true artist who bravely walked away from a cozy major record contract as a writer to continue his own education, as he was creatively unfulfilled making records for other people to be happy about. He mind alive with ideas, that burning sensation inside his soul was heightened to its fullest again after this move to independent status again.

I wanted to get back to what I do best, what the people and the DJs came to love about my music. I also wanted to create a project that celebrates life and allows the audience to have fun while listening.” ~ J. Hollins aka Casanova Black

Stand Up‘ from the Chicago-born indie RnB/Soul solo artist and acclaimed writer J. Hollins, is a fun song filled with sizzle and love, as he heats up the evening and gets us to throwing those hands up. With the world almost back, this is a party ambiance to get you feeling good again. Letting go a bit is needed, with all those stresses that have been building up in our packed lives lately.

Hear this fab new single via his Spotify and catch up with more stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen