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The real life of a stressed parent: Kathy Giddins and the Rolling Sevens tell it how it is on ‘Caroline’s Dream’

Caroline's Dream by Kathy Giddins and the Rolling Sevens

Kathy Giddins and the Rolling Sevens bring us an absolute gem of a single that parents will totally relate to on ‘Caroline’s Dream‘, which is off the forthcoming album called ‘Where Sweet Confetti Falls’.

A sweetly-sonic collaboration combining the undeniable talents of vocalist Kathy Giddins, songwriter Richard Clark, guitarist Jordan Humber and drummer Chris Allan; Kathy Giddins and the Rolling Sevens is a terrifically honest band from Nottingham in England. They are backed up spectacularly by The SwinglesEdward Randell, Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson & Imogen Parry to form a team that will make you take notice rather quickly.

Her voice tells you what life is like as you stroll around in a constant daze in this crazy world. The tender nature of her fine vocals make your ears wake up and turning up the volume is an automatic reaction. Being in a dream is the only way to survive the day and you feel like you can’t take much more of this madness.

The band are so tremendous and the whole package is so pleasurable here as you sway your head and sing with them. This is a song that shows you into the door of real life- where you can only think about getting away from it all and dream forever.

Caroline’s Dream‘ showcases everything good about the UK underground music scene as this is a song that is honest, lively and the soundscape is so electric from Kathy Giddins and the Rolling Sevens. The true story about how life as a parent can be so tough in the world, as you try and keep your head above water is such a emotional ride- especially if you don’t have the support of your partner.

Life can get a bit much sometimes but luckily through music, you can hopefully start to heal all cuts and bruises with the support of true friends- who have your back and will help you get out of an abusive relationship. Being happy and treated like you should, is the only way to inner peace.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen