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Anna May sends the world a masterpiece with Americana-Folk infused ”Careless”

careless. by Anna May

I’m still shaking from listening to this absolute work of art. You can hear the pain in her voice. I feel like giving her a big hug but can’t. This is a marvelous masterpiece in every sense of the word.

Anna May is currently based in New London, Connecticut in the USA and performs traditional folk music with a transcendent twist. She puts you under her special spell during her latest release ”Careless”. Anna’s voice is magnetically attracted to your heart and doesn’t let you go from start to finish. She has real soul, her lyrics are about heartbreak. Anna May sings about past memories and moments that have effected her deeply. I get lost in her voice and the words float into my heart as I wonder what she has gone through. This is immense music, so rare and has just warmed my soul like only a few artists can do. I really hope that Anna understands how stunning her music is and how she can influence so many fans and fellow artists out there. If she ever tours in your town, you will want to see her live.

Please don’t be careless with Anna’s heart or her music. We are in the midst of witnessing a truly incredible musician that deserves to be touring all over the world with her Dad Vince Thompson right beside her on stage with his guitar.

You can listen to this fabulously created song that is sung with such passion right here on her Bandcamp page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen