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Ell South hit the ground ‘Running’ with her sophomore 80s synth-carved pop single

For her latest single, Running, the endlessly accoladed singer-songwriter Ell South fused ethereal artfulness and synth-carved 80s nostalgia to invite her audience into an aural chamber of honesty, vulnerability, and clarity.

Anyone who has ever known how brutal a battle of wills can be when you are going up against your own mind will see themselves reflected in a crystal-clear mirror when they allow the all-consuming vocal harmonies to take control of their psyche.

The stabbing synth lines with 80s-esque massive percussion and driving basslines give the track the same sense of resilience that radiates from the lyricism, while the lashings of reverb in the poetically illuminating atmosphere will sell sanctuary to the soul – especially the ones weary with ennui.

A certain degree of the authenticity within Ell South’s sound stems from her Welsh and Slovenian roots. She saw music as a right of passage after coming of age in a musical family and clearly came into her own while leaning on an eclectic array of influences.

Since making her debut, her music has featured on BBC Radio Wales, and her debut single launch was performed to a capacity crowd. She’s perceptively on the rise, but something tells us that won’t stop her from reaching out to her fans to lift them when they’re down.

Running hit the airwaves on the 25th of July; you can hear it by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

In The Papers: Cardiff’s The Vanities wonders if we will see the future on Private Army

Swerving away from their usual sound with an epically performed orchestral affair to hold hands in hope with, The Vanities strike the clocks of our moral code with a rather special effort which is due for release on 31st March, Private Army.

The Vanities is a Cardiff, Wales-based 90s-fused grungey-like 80s synth/electro-pop/rock outfit that only ceases to amaze the underground with its tailored-for-excellence sound.

After impressing all listeners with previous marvels Dropping A Bomb, London and Hollywood Hills, The Vanities simmer deeply about the ravaging wars and the scarcely believable actions of humankind.

Sung with genuine care to the state of play in the world and bringing us such a different experience, shows us their astute brilliance and all-around authenticity in a seemingly fake world.

Private Army from the excellently projected Cardiff, Wales-based band The Vanities is a quite spectacular song which deserves all the love in the world. There is a leader-like mentality on offer and soaring melodies to get lost inside. Breathless throughout and giving humanity a message to hear at full volume, this is proper music for the soul alright.

Listen up closer on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Give Em Every That I Need: Death Cult Electric looks for the girl with the kaleidoscope eyes on Lucifer in the Sky with Diamonds

With thunderous energy which might rattle many eardrums into full alertness, Death Cult Electric swarm all speakers and leaves a little sting to deal with too on their venomous new single Lucifer in the Sky with Diamonds.

Death Cult Electric is a Cardiff, Wales-based indie alternative rock band who are known for their appealingly aggressive live shows which shall elevate the soul into a euphoric place.

The vocals chaotically scream and boast outlandish yet incomphrensible proclamations to the backdrop of fuzzed-out guitars that sound mad with power. Never has something sounded so anti-establishment as it does corporately evil.” ~ Death Cult Electric

Roaring through with that Welsh passion and excellent spundscape to get lost inside, Death Cult Electric must be one of the most thrilling bands in the UK right now. They are that good.

Lucifer in the Sky with Diamonds from Cardiff, Wales-based indie alternative rock band Death Cult Electric is one of those rare moments when a song truly delivers. Smashing walls down and never letting up for a second, as we float rather quickly into what is possible in life if there is enough intensity involved.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify. See more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Frakard – Slate: Play It Loud, See It Live


Cardiff’s loudest and tightest alt-rock trio Frakard went into frenetic overdrive with their latest single, Slate. With their respective influences counting Architects, Soundgarden and Steely Dan, Slate is a melting pot of familiarity fed through stylistic raucous swagger.

Sonic appeal aside, Slate truly comes into its own through its witty questioning of our relationship with nostalgia, the nihilism that comes with age and the ever-pervasive climate change fear. If you’re anything like me and you’re sick of lyricists that scrape the bottom of the IQ barrel when penning their lyrical hooks, you will be a Frakard fanatic by the time this anthemic juggernaut of a release that comes with an arsenal of razor-sharp lyrical lines hits the outro.

Slate will officially release on November 11th. Check it out on Spotify and scope out Frakard on their official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Always Save Me Your Worst: Nine Lives surges through with intent on Crystal Ball

ASMR - EP by Nine Lives

Taken off the razor sharp new 4-track release with authority to charge up power-stations for weeks called ASMR – EP, Nine Lives takes us right through the noise and into something previously inconceivable on the drum-breaking new track, Crystal Ball.

Nine Lives is a Cardiff, Wales-based indie garage-rock band who sinks their teeth into every track they assemble and tear through the seams with nail-biting effect.

Raucous, fuzz-laden riffs over big beats and a healthy dose of mayhem.” ~ Nine Lives

Thrilling the entire galaxy with a special single to enlighten the minds of many, Nine Lives move with cat-like precision and shall get your heart bouncing with delight.

Crystal Ball from Cardiff, Wales-based indie garage-rock band Nine Lives is a massive reminder that finding those frigid seas within the soul of someone is a scary proposition. Saucing our ears with so much to certainly treasure and heartily remember, this is a hefty single which will open our eyes and get those feet moving again.

When you finally get away from the evil, you may resume your life for the better again.

Open your ears on Bandcamp and check out their social moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Soul of Steel: Welsh singer-songwriter Freyja Elsy shows us where that change is within on Golden Hour

Returning with her much-anticipated 3rd single, Freyja Elsy hopes for the relief to continue on the excellent new single to gain inspiration from called Golden Hour.

Freyja Elsy is a Cardiff, Wales-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and composer who makes music from her cosy home studio which is filled with her warm genuineness.

These transformations can be met with positivity for a new beginning or a fear of stepping out into the unknown.” ~ Freyja Elsy

Conquering that relentless fear and overcoming everything to only go forward, Freyja Elsy is quite sensational on this beautiful single to play loud when you need to hear something undoubtedly pure again.

Golden Hour from Cardiff, Wales-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Freyja Elsy is an exceptionally memorable soundtrack which will take you on a magnificently crisp ride through into a whole new world of possibilities. Sung with a wonderful passion and delightful vocals, this is a fine track for the soul.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see the progression via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jessie Dipper spoke for her frustrated generation in her grunge-folk feat of candour, Where Do I Go

The folk-grunge maverick and award-winning singer-songwriter, Jessie Dipper, has stayed true to her sincerely originalist style with her latest single, Where Do I Go, taken from her coming of age second album.

However many times you’ve taken a trip around the sun before hearing this fiery yet soulfully flawless single, you’re sure to find the resonance in the frustration that easily stems from the uncertainty that confounds around our mental maps of the future. She didn’t just speak for her generation; she spoke for all of them.

With guitar licks that would serenade any Springsteen fan, the stridently distinctive vocals and Ben Folds-Esque pianos, the Cardiff-based singer-songwriter orchestrated a matchless hit that is going to put her on an even bigger map than the one that has seen her picking up awards, lauded by the BBC and touring across the globe.

Where Do I Go was officially released on May 20th. You can catch it for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Conor Latcham gets into the insidious underbelly of manipulationships with his self-deprecating disco track, Running

The Cardiff-based luminary, Conor Latcham has crooned his way back onto the airwaves with his latest spacey, synthy indie-disco pop track, RUNNING. The single was remotely recorded during lockdown with Marc Hughes (Lewis Capaldi, Tom Odell) on drums and Barry Grint (Beatles, Madonna, Prince) behind the mastering desk.

With the surfy angular guitar motifs around the mash of cosmic pop 80s nostalgia paired with Conor Latcham’s cooler than Alex Cameron vibe and the Arcade Fire-style catchy hooks, Running is infectious from the first hit. Despite the euphoria that effortlessly bleeds from Running, the essence of the single is far darker as it delves into the insidious underbelly of one-sided relationships. It is a masterclass in how to use your wit for closure. Grab a notepad and hit play.

You can feel the self-deprecating disco love for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Bard of Ely, Steve Andrews, decreed that it is ‘Time for Ocean Aid’ in his latest psych-folk-rock single.

How could we possibly forget Steve Andrews after first hearing his insightfully sharp single, Where Does All the Plastic Go, in 2019? Many artists claim that their music is for the good of humanity, then conflate that with ego-centred lyricism. The famous Bard of Ely stays true to his unrelenting MO. Case in point, his latest single, Time for Ocean Aid, which invites you to consider the intangible mess we’ve made.

Sure, songs that paint a picture of where our toxic traits have led us aren’t an all-out dopamine riot. Especially when we’re already contending with an endless series of tragedy, sleaze and disaster. But in such a stunning way, Andrews used Time for Ocean Aid to pull listeners out of any sense of self-centred malaise and gave them something real to fight for. The psychy feat of intricate and artful folk-rock is an all too efficacious reminder that the world isn’t happening to you. It’s happening, and you happen to be here with the same responsibility as everyone else to leave it in a habitable state for every species.

Honestly, we couldn’t rate Steve Andrews more. He easily transcends heartfelt and litters your mind with a conscience. Which is, of course, the only acceptable form of littering.

Time for Ocean Aid is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Looking At You: Sensational Cardiff band The Vanities are at their explosive best with ‘Dropping A Bomb’

Dropping A Bomb from The Vanities on Vimeo.

After remedying our sad souls with their last release anointed ‘London‘, The Vanities spark up our imagination with their groovy new single that has you listening as close as possible with ‘Dropping A Bomb‘.

The Vanities is a high-spirited Cardiff, Wales-based 90s-inspired grunge and 80s synth/electro-pop/rock band who have undoubtedly been on the lips of many UK music fans due to their exhilarating releases recently.

Taken off their brand new 11-track album ‘2001‘ that is their first full release since emerging from their hiatus, you feel that The Vanities are somehow only getting better and better. There is a real hunger in their eyes as this rest from the spotlight has only fueled them up to reach dizzy heights, as they leave us completely impressed by the supreme quality of their wondrous creation here.

Dropping A Bomb‘ from the terrific Welsh electro-rock/pop duo The Vanities is one of the more luminous videos you will encounter in 2021. This a track to sing loud and proud with as you immerse yourself into such a riveting experience filled with bright lights and a soundtrack that deserves lots of love. They make the type of music that has your heart in a spin, as you urge that lover to stick with you no matter what.

Turn this up on Vimeo and follow their tracks on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen