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See Me: Kalamazoo-based band Basic Comfort return with latest single ‘Blindspotting’

On a memorable groovy interior that has you nodding your head around like a thoughtful scholar, Basic Comfort is back with a new single that will have you remembering a moment where you were almost caught out in an instant with ‘Blindspotting‘.

Basic Comfort is a card-playing Kalamazoo, Michigan-based indie alt-bedroom-pop band who after changing their lineup at the beginning of their formation while being led by Tony Mitchell, now enjoy a stable mixture of fine musicians all joined together as one team.

They believe that music is healing, and with each release, they hope to give people a sonic space to connect with themselves and be their most present. Basic Comfort is more than just a band or catalogue of music— they are a perspective in growth.” ~ Basic Comfort

Basic Comfort seems to guide your frightened soul into a safe space with their family-friendly music that seems to ease the brick-like stress off your shoulders. They bring a whole bag of peace with them and are ego-free, as they spark up our imagination on a really pleasurable release.

Blindspotting‘ from the highly-creative Kalamazoo, Michigan-based indie alt-bedroom-pop outfit Basic Comfort, is a very likeable single that has you in an introspective mood. Filled with dreamy vocals that has you quite lost into a forest of wonder, there is much to be compelled by here by a wonderful band. They make that type of music you just tune into without too much thinking, as this is the kind of song to add to your work playlist and tell your mates about.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen