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From the full-length album ‘On the Run’: Canvass The Town’s new single ‘Jeep Beach’

You can get a real taste of the psychedelic 60’s era with Canvass The Town’s single ‘Jeep Beach’ from the full-length album ‘On the Run’.

What at first may sound like another indie production, ‘Jeep Beach’ entails colourful and rich harmonies that will make you appreciate that “surf rock” kind of positive vibe The Beach Boys mastered back in the day. With clean guitars leading into an overlay of vocals and backing vocals, ‘Jeep Beach’ gets more psych-pop in the middle section with more guitar lines enriching the arrangement, creating a surprising melodic duality of vintage and contemporary.

The song is crayoned by emotional and descriptive lyrics that depict moments that make you visualise and almost experience some degree of freedom (as I interpreted it) by singing “stay there till you freeze / never have to leave/no one there to see / sure sounds good to me.”

The band not only ‘Canvass The Town’ but also canvass the latest indie scene.

Let ‘Jeep Beach’ be your own visual canvas by hitting play on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.