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Another Chance: New York’s KUMA ‘Can’t Stop’ thinking about her on heartfelt message

As he asks for a second chance to prove that he is indeed the right man for her, KUMA shows us the inside of his romantic feelings on the new love-torn single named ‘Can’t Stop‘.

KUMA is a self-motivated New York City-based indie sad-pop artist/classically trained violinist/DJ who studied at USC, who has proudly Indian heritage. He makes that sensually stimulating music that awakens your senses, as he peruses that deep and ever-lasting love, to fill the gap in his life.

He sings with that love-struck glitz in his eyes, as he wants her back so badly but it might be a lost cause and this is becoming paramount as time passes. KUMA refuses to give in however and performs with a soft edge that glides through your speakers, as you start to feel for him and wish that he can find that special woman again.

Can’t Stop‘ from New York indie-pop singer/songwriter KUMA, is a story of how love was so strong and then all of a sudden, it disappeared which is now leaving you with many regrets that you want overcome, by asking her to come back to you. Sometimes this can drive a further wedge into your friendship, or it will be met by a positive response that will shake your heart back to life again.

Check out the visualizer on YouTube and find out more about KUMA on his thriving IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jon Rooks drops stylish visuals for jazzy ”Can’t Stop”

Jazzy musician Jon Rooks gives us that soul boost for summer with the recently released single called ”Can’t Stop”.

The Columbia, South Carolina native in the USA is the star of the show with the encore turning performance on this funky beat. There is a lot to like here. This a singer which real soul and this is so enticing to the tired ear. This is a song that the whole world needs to here.

Light on foot and heavy smooth vibes for your hungry soul like a peckish fox- Jon Rooks takes a peak at the dusty music venue floor. He has one idea in mind and that is it to get the groove alight so bright as to create an ambiance of energy that burns the sky with sparkling stars.

Can’t Stop” is one of those likable songs that you can’t help playing again and again. Jon Rooks¬†has that gift that you can’t teach. Real soul inside.

Stream this fine new song here on YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen