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Can’t Let You In

So Focused: San Jose music producer and rapper CRAIG knows where he needs to go on ‘Can’t Let You In’

Taken off his brand new debut project called ‘Done Waiting‘, CRAIG feels like he is ready for so much more as he dusts off those who don’t believe in him enough with ‘Can’t Let You In‘.

CRAIG aka Craig Elliot, is a fiercely original San Jose, California-based indie Hip-Hop music producer, Oregon State University student and singer-songwriter. He makes all of his wizard-like creations purely by hand, without using samples from other tracks.

Music has impacted my life greatly and I don’t know where I would be without it.” ~ CRAIG

You feel his air of rapidly evolving determination next to you closely, as each word he spits feels so honest. There is no flash here, no bling and no fake, only truthful verses that feel raw and powerfully written. This is the start of a journey which opens your eyes wide – to a skilled artist who is only interested in getting better and better – leaving the party night hangovers to others who want to escape reality.

Can’t Let You In‘ from the San Jose, California-based indie Hip-Hop music producer and musician CRAIG, is the I-am-ready-now mission from a truly focused artist. He is on a plane upwards and only wants to reach those stars up above, as he doesn’t want to live a regret-filled life. The way he is thinking now is so different than most, as he refuses to let anyone in who isn’t in this for the same reasons he is. Its lonely work most of the time – but when you realize what you really want – different doors seem to open up automatically.

With a mindset like this, being heard shall be be much easier than before.

Hear this deep new track on Spotify and check out his IG channel for more vibes.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen