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Can’t Get Enough

Working All Week: Khema Tempo waits for that call on the body-grooving Can’t Get Enough

After his proud city recently hosted the Commonwealth Games so terrifically, Khema Tempo has dropped a powerful track to show that we can easily overcome our differences on their explosive 2nd single called Can’t Get Enough.

Khema Tempo is a mysterious mask-wearing Birmingham, UK-based indie electronic dance duo who formed in 2019 by Mush and Nanti.

We met in our teens and spent the following years in and out of bands together, mostly writing and performing progressive rock.” ~ Mush and Nanti describing their connection

Showing us the right way to tackle any situation full on, Khema Tempo leads us bravely to that safe light which shall set free the demons forever. Performed with quality precision and expert timing, this is an ear-puller when you needed it most.

Can’t Get Enough from Birmingham, UK-based indie electronic dance act Khema Tempo is an anthem-like song for the ages that calls us to be better. Brushing away the tears and showing us what is possible seems to be this beautiful mission that might make your heart beat faster than before.

If you are looking for a natural boost to get you gritting your teeth into tackling your next challenge, this is it.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen