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Neurosurgery drop a real brutal metal bomb with their release Brain Scavanger

Powerful, aggressive, energetic, Neurosurgery drop a real metal bomb with their new track Brain Scavanger.

The song builds up on a huge wall of bass and heavily distorted guitars, letting the drums obsessively punch in, in a half tempo beat, that amplifies the bulkiness of the whole sound.

Screaming and growling in a high- then low-pitched loop for most of the song, the vocals are an essential trigger for this type of brutal metal and serve the purpose of the band’s “quest to spread their daily madness all over the world with passion to do what they want, the way they want.” A hefty statement that gains validation from the savage nature of the song.

Formed in Helsinki in 2019, Neurosurgery are a classic example of what Finnish metal stands for, as it’s clear they’re aiming to become an essential part of it.

You can listen to Brain Scavanger for yourself on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito